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NEITEK IT engineering and consulting
NEITEK IT engineering and consulting
NEITEK IT engineering and consulting
NEITEK IT engineering and consulting
NEITEK IT engineering and consulting
NEITEK IT engineering and consulting
NEITEK IT engineering and consulting
About us

What We Do

Welcome to Neitek, a Software company focused in IT engineering and consulting. Founded sixteen years ago with Headquarters in Monterrey, Mexico, it has expanded and now is based also in the United States, providing services to worldwide & well-known business located across the American continent. If you are eager to improve your business processes through IT technology, we are here to help:

  • Reduce your operational cost running IT services on a day-to-day basis includes relevant expenditures that can be reduced by using the right software.

  • Enhance efficiency and boost profitability IT, Sales, Administration, Operations efficiency challenges are being faced, every day.

  • Optimize time, budget, resources and reduce risks we know that market forces will lead the way, and your company will need time-wise decisions and strategies.


How we work

Being a customer oriented company, Neitek’s key for successful projects lies on high standards & quality assurance, providing the best practices in project management for on time deliveries. Will provide reliable, long-term value IT solutions to enable your company to focus on core business objectives:

Quality Assurance

Software testing and quality control are essential subsets of software quality assurance. This is the reason to incorporate solid internal QA principles into every project outsourced or assigned to us.

Project Management

Communication with the customer, planning and reporting are the usual activities involved in our project management processes.

Skilled Staff

Our job and priority in Neitek is recruiting the best personnel available to support our portfolio of consultancy.

NEITEK IT engineering and consulting
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Get in Touch with Us: +52 210 899 37 40

Feel free to contact our team to learn more about the services provided by us and multiple offers for Your business!

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What we did

Meet Our portfolio

We adopted new technology partners to fully cover the needs of our customers. The experience of the last years has given us rich knowledge on this matter to generate successful implementations for several industries and companies, in both local and remote projects.

Software licensing and deployment

Neitek can provide you the best commercial software, according to company’s needs. Make your choice between on premise or cloud solutions, available for you.

IT outsourcing

Neitek’s talented engineers will be pleased to collaborate either on your day-to-day activities or most-relevant projects. We’ve worked side by side, no matter geographic location.

Intranet solutions

Instant collaboration, Workflows, General purpose communication, Calendars, Weather, Reports, Dashboards and even Birthdays can be handled by strong but lightweight software like Cooperate.

Software development

As standard software solutions cannot fulfill the individual requirements of a business, custom software development has emerged to help companies derive unique solutions fit for their specific needs.

Sales perfomance management

Select the right performance measure, establish quotas, determine the appropriate mix, set the target pay and construct the right formulas with Neitek’s SPM expert consultants.

SOA integration

We focus our services into information on real-time regarding enterprise integration, implementing the interaction and communication between mutually interacting software applications in SOA.



Contact us

Get in Touch with Us

U.S address:

  • 110 East Houston 7th Floor San Antonio, TX 78205
  • +1 210 899 37 40

Mexico address:

  • Lázaro Cárdenas 1007 Ofna 902 Groundwork, Residencial Santa Barbara, San Pedro Garza Garcia CP 66266, Nuevo Leon.
  • +52 811 365 02 43