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Welcome to Neitek, a Software company focused in IT engineering and consulting. Founded sixteen years ago with Headquarters in Monterrey, Mexico, it has expanded and now is based also in the United States, providing services to worldwide & well-known business located across the American continent.
If you are eager to improve your business processes through IT technology, we are here to help.

REDUCE your operational cost running IT services on a day-to-day basis includes relevant expenditures that can be reduced by using the right software. Automation, precision, and up-to-date information can make a huge difference for your company. Software development and configuration has now become strategic. You can count on Neitek to find the best cost-benefit ratio.

ENHANCE efficiency and boost profitability IT, Sales, Administration, Operations… efficiency challenges are being faced, every day. Either with Performance Management, Software evolution or migration, System Integration or basic every-day support, Neitek’s team is here to serve you.

OPTIMIZE time, budget, resources and reduce risks We know that market forces will lead the way, and your company will need time-wise decisions and strategies. Neitek can contribute to that objective with well-defined IT projects, developed under agile methodologies and affordable prices.

    Inside Story

Growing steadily since 2000, Neitek has become a strong technology & services company that aims to provide the right choices either when selecting an out-of the box solution or designing, coding and implementing custom software.

Our value added lies in committing to transform your plans, ideas or designs into information systems that actually meet your challenges. For years, Neitek has created high quality application software for the world's most recognized brands across diverse industries (Financial, Manufacturing, Telecom, Retail, Pharmaceutical and Construction, among others).

We carefully select the most talented Engineers for each discipline and role. Fundamental technical strength and understanding, problem solving and creative thinking are critical to evaluate and integrate our personnel.

Customer satisfaction is TOP priority. Our main goal, to establish long lasting relationships with our customers, has become our philosophy and an integral part of our business model.


Neitek was one of the first companies in Mexico to develop applications based on J2EE technology back in 2000. After years of hard work and dedication, we have broadened our range of supported technologies to many other platforms and languages, according to market trends.

In 2005, we became partners with Progress Software to take on challenging projects using SOA technologies like Sonic ESB. At the same time, we created strong techniques to transform legacy OpenEdge A4GL applications into brand new web-based software using products like Webspeed, Application Server and Webclient.

In terms of evolution, we adopted new technology partners to fully cover the needs of our customers. Varicent (Canada) now acquired by IBM, provided Neitek with a best of breed application for Sales Performance Management (SPM) automation. The experience of the last four years has given us rich knowledge on this matter to generate successful implementations for several industries and companies, in both local and remote projects.

    How We Work

Being a customer oriented company, Neitek’s key for successful projects lies on high standards & quality assurance, providing the best practices in project management for on time deliveries. We make our best to keep processes as simple as possible. Effective communication between customer and development team is a key success factor.


Technology, knowledge, best practices, and a full understanding of business processes is undoubtedly the right mix to succeed.
Neitek will provide reliable, long-term value IT solutions to enable your company to focus on core business objectives.

Quality Assurance

Software testing and quality control are essential subsets of software quality assurance. This is the reason for Neitek to incorporate solid internal QA principles into every project outsourced or assigned to us.
Integrating a solid quality assurance methodology into the larger process of software development is the best practice in every situation; all our internal processes are monitored and controlled with a business processes management tool (People Connector) to warranty the right activities operation guided by an integrated platform to ensure effective communications in all our engineering processes.
We ensure that the systems and modules we develop work flawlessly and satisfy every functional, technical, and architectural requirement.

Project Management

Communication with the customer, planning and reporting are the usual activities involved in our project management processes. A detailed plan is created at the beginning of each phase and is updated by Project Manager weekly or more frequently if necessary in a BPM tool for the control (People Connector). This allows transparent tracking of the project status and provides a clear vision of the project costs at every stage and one of the benefits is that the customer could take decisions in time. The customer resolves all issues through the assigned Project Manager responsible for work planning, overall management and progress tracking.
Neitek's project manager priorities: Setting goals, Establishing timetables, Monitoring, Setting a budget, Developing a risk management plan, Assigning short-term tasks to specific groups or individuals, Managing any issues that affect the project, keeping an issue log, Managing the quality of the products, Providing adequate quality control and quality assurance, Finding ways to improve quality, Properly monitoring on the closing, Facilitating communication among project members, etc.

Skilled Staff

Mexico is well known for its high level of education in computer sciences in several Universities located through the country. Thousands of talented engineers start his professional activity in large corporations with interesting software challenges. Our job and priority in Neitek is recruiting the best personnel available to support our portfolio of consultancy, understanding the advantages of found people with background in several software disciplines, and also with a great level of English as a second language. Mexican Neitek engineers are talented, devoted, smart and enthusiastic about computer related jobs, so that is what you received when you ask for consultancy from our personal. Also Neitek has been distinguished as an early adopter of several technologies as java, Application Server Technology, and SOA, being the first company at Mexico programming each one of them. This experience is giving to our consultants through high level training and certification programs so we can be sure that any engineer at Neitek is aware of all the technologies supported as a High Tech software company.


  Software Licensing and Deployment

Neitek can provide you the best commercial software, according to company’s needs. Make your choice between On premise or Cloud solutions, available for you. Once your decision has been made, our experienced staff will provide any required deployment services and software development as well.
IBM - [Cognos, Sales Performance Management, TM1]
PROGRESS SOFTWARE - [Telerik, OpenEdge, DataDirect, Corticon, Rollbase]

  IT Outsourcing

Neitek’s talented engineers will be pleased to collaborate either on your day-to-day activities or most-relevant projects. We’ve worked side by side, no matter geographic location. Our customers define the best way to do it: On shore, Near shore, Off shore.

According to their profiles and experience, we assign engineers to work for a specific project and for a specific period of time. You lead the consultant and determine everyday activities, tasks and responsibilities. You are in complete control.

  Intranet Solutions

Instant collaboration, Workflows, General purpose communication, Calendars, Weather, Reports, Dashboards and even Birthdays can be handled by strong but lightweight software like Cooperate. No need to spend huge amounts of money to solve Intranet requirements. This pre-built application will be deployed and configured for your company, before you notice! Additionally, We will train your IT and functional staff in order to enable them to create their own templates, reports or workflows in the future. Envisioned by Neitek: State of the art technology at affordable prices.

  Software Development

As standard software solutions cannot fulfill the individual requirements of a business, custom software development has emerged to help companies derive unique solutions fit for their specific needs. Neitek provides customized application development solution in tune with your management strategy and objectives by using immense hands-on experience and extensive technological know-how. Our step by step process ensures your satisfaction from requirement analysis to product release stage.
Depending on your needs we can offer services for Enterprise solutions development, Web development, Desktop application development, Mobile application development, Aplication Integration etc.

  Sales Perfomance Management

Unleash the Power of Compensation and help your company to exceed objectives! Use IBM Incentive Compensation Management software and create the most convenient sales and incentive compensation plans. Select the right performance measure, establish quotas, determine the appropriate mix, set the target pay and construct the right formulas with Neitek’s SPM expert consultants.
With IBM Sales Performance Management tools and information, increase your sales reps accuracy and efficiency. Managers and Administrator will take control of their operations, get rid of surprises and make better strategic choices for their variable incentive programs.
Total ICM automation Methodology (TICMA)

  SOA Integration

Enterprise Application Integration may involve developing a new total view of an enterprise's business and its applications; modernizing, consolidating, and coordinating the computer applications in an enterprise, analyzing how existing applications fit into the new model and then devising ways to efficiently reuse what already exists while adding new applications and data.
We focus our services into information on real-time regarding enterprise integration, implementing the interaction and communication between mutually interacting software applications in SOA (Service Oriented architecture) that works to communicate any application efficiently.


Backed by more than four-million end users around the globe, Neitek and Progress became partners in 2004. Their collaboration story includes the creation of Mexico’s Competence Center and Software Factories as well.

In terms of strategy, Compensation Management is powerful incentives for productivity across organizations. Use IBM SPM software and create the most convenient sales and incentive compensation plans.

Ever since, our clients have been able to solve all types of data integration issues. When connecting tools, business areas find the way to adapt to new business conditions.

Backed by more than four-million end users around the globe, Neitek and Progress became partners in 2004. Their collaboration story includes the creation of Mexico’s Competence Center and Software Factories as well. With a comprehensive portfolio, our customers have access to robust technology oriented to Data Integration, Software Development, Business Rules and amazing Web-User Interfaces. Software licensing & Consulting Services are available through a well trained and experienced staff of engineers.

More than twelve years of experience using this recognized brand, have given Neitek technical mastery knowledge to produce positive changes in all of our clients. Make the right choice between business process models, platforms, languages, devices and productivity.

Total ICM automation Methodology (TICMA)

In terms of complementing the Ibm guided discovery effort for a project for SPM, Neitek has developed its own implementation methodology in the pursue of completely automate the ICM process for a company of any kind.
This methodology include all exceptions that could happen for a project, as account substitutions, flexible organization charts, reallocation possibilities and many more aspects not included in common methodology.
In result of this, Neitek provides its own base model also, so it can include preparations for the design requirements obtained in the TICMA Methodology.
What client earns with this methodology, is a clearly more flexible implementation, so he can change parameters as easily as expected and full automated Compensation calculation process.

Privacy Notice

NEITEK SOLUTIONS, S.A. DE C.V. (hereafter “NEITEK”), informs Clients, Providers and general public (referred collectively herein as the “Holders”) about the use and safekeeping of the information, through this Privacy Notice.

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NEITEK may modify at any time this Privacy Notice. The changes made to this Privacy Notice will be notified to the Holders through the most convenient medium, and they will be made available to the Holders.

Neitek started a partnership with IBM in 2003 and together have generated many success stories through close collaboration, since then.

In terms of strategy, Compensation Management is powerful incentives for productivity across organizations. Use IBM SPM software and create the most convenient sales and incentive compensation plans. Select the right performance measure, establish quotas, determine the appropriate mix, set the target pay and construct the right formulas with Neitek’s SPM expert consultants.

Our experience includes projects developed in Canada, USA, Mexico and LATAM, several industries and international prestigious companies. We can build the right solution for you from scratch, configure or fine-tune your current SPM solution or even train your IT/Compensation personnel, as we have done for them.

With IBM Sales Performance Management tools and information, increase your sales reps accuracy and efficiency. Managers and Administrators will take control of their operations, get rid of surprises and make better strategic choices for their variable incentive programs. Additionally, make the best informed decisions on time with IBM Business Intelligence (BI) tools and boost your company operations.

Neitek & Aurea started their partnership in YEAR?

Ever since, our clients have been able to solve all types of data integration issues. When connecting tools, business areas find the way to adapt to new business conditions. Once that quick data-transfer between applications has been arranged (occurring even in real time), end users get to receive all they need to perform their activities efficiently.

Moreover, while monitoring and measuring performance of critical systems, IT departments become able to offer a better service, thereby resulting in end user satisfaction. Software licensing and senior Consulting Services, at your disposal.


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